"You're 6'3"? How do you fit comfortably in your Miata?"

"You're 6'3"? How do you fit comfortably in your Miata?"


6'4" and my NC is one of the most comfortable cars I've owned - put 8000kms on it a couple summers ago on a road trip without issue or discomfort. Secret: Don't get leather. There's about an inch less with the leather...


So that’s why I don’t fit... damn leather. Oh well, worth it though. Old lady I bought it from had brand new leather put in and the seats rebuilt last year. Sooo comfy.


6'2" and my Sparco Evo bolted to the floor is what keeps me below the windshield of my NC.


6'3" and people watch when they see me heading for my NA as they feel it's quite the spectacle. It's not too bad. Long road trips do get tiring though. Around hour 3 I def start missing my truck, and I a get older the total time I want to spend in the over the course of a longer drive shorter.


I'm 6'3 and fit like a glove with a racing seat. When people ask me this question I just tell them that the key is to sit down.


Don't ever have the roof closed =/


[Just need a haircut like this](https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/91eW0PzGHBL._AC_UL1500_.jpg)


LOL I'm already bald ;)


You say bald, I say aerodynamic :)


6’4 with a ND here.. too relatable lol


6'4" fit fine in my NC. NA/B were a tad tighter but not the worst thing ever. Haven't really found a car I can't fit in.


After reading the comments I started questioning if I should really save for a Miata (na or ne) as first car but I rather have a bit of struggle instead of not having a Miata


I'm 6'2" I fit comfortably. I actually love sitting in my car. Also I need the top down to see stop lights.


Everything from my waist up is fine, but my bottom half is in lotus pose


They make a pill for that.


A slow-motion Miata cruise would actually make great B-roll for a Cialis commercial


6'3" and I installed the Paco Motorsports seat lowering brackets within the first week of owning my ND. I've since put $3k or so into it, but that $100 is still the top modification by far.


6’ 7” and drove a 1991 as my daily driver for 6 years.


6'3" checking in. ND now, previously NA. Lifetime of slouching prepared me well. Skinny thighs useful too.


I’m almost 6 feet tall... I barely fit mine...


6'3" 280 pounds and I fit nicely in my NA. I just need to get some sort of spacer for my steering wheel for my knees.


They make some [but they're pricey](https://supermiata.com/55mm-steering-spacer-NB-miata-mx5.aspx) ($269). I'm weighing the benefits of spending more to retain my OEM wheel + airbag or getting a $95 Sparco...


I dunno what miata, but my NB went from almost undriveable to comfortable by cutting out some seat foam, nrg quick release to move the steeringwheel closer (away from the knees) and I cut the drivers door card handle out and capped the cut with plastic. Looked clean