New signature, or is someone else signing?

New signature, or is someone else signing?


I don’t think I would ever even consider that Taylor would not sign her own autographs. I’ve brought this up a few times when people have asked if it’s actually Taylor signing her autographs like signed albums, and she has been quoted in an interview or something before that she can’t believe people would want her autograph so she’ll never get tired of signing them. That’s obviously not the exact quote but that’s basically what she said. I could edit this post later if I find the quote. Her autograph is obviously going to evolve and change over time. We obviously don’t know what her “autograph” looked like before she became famous but it was probably similar to her first style of autograph that she used in 2006-2008. She spelt out her whole name. By around 2008 she switched to signing just her first name and she’s used that ever since. But her autograph has changed a little in 2020-2021. She was signing probably 100,000 ‘Folklore’ albums by the sheer number of them out there in the world. She signed most of the first ‘Folklore’ albums she signed with her regular autograph but as she got through thousands of autographs it changed a bit. Her hand must have really hurt. And she figured out how to more quickly sign autographs. She sort of had at least three more distinct styles as she signed the ‘Folklore’ albums. One with weird sharp hearts that didn’t even look like hearts, really big loopy ones with no heart, etc. And most of the autographs on the signed ‘Evermore’ albums looks like the autograph you shared in the picture in your post. They are similar to what some ‘Folklore’ signed albums looked like near the end of her run of signing them. I think she’s sort of changed her autograph a bit. She must’ve realized she likes using one whole swoop for her whole name more than writing the “T” separate from the rest of her name. And it must be quicker for her to not have to move her hand and put the marker down on the paper more than one time. I also think she knows how bad that would look for her to not be signing autographs for fans and if it was found out by fans and/or the public. **EDIT:** This is the quote: *”I never get tired of signing autographs 'cause I used to do it so much in class dreaming about the day that it might mean something to somebody.”*


Wow- I bet you could write research paper on the evolution on her autograph….. and I would read every word or it! 😉


I kind of wonder If they’ve been auto penned especially with the smudges that have been on so many of them. But I also think that the new signature is just easier to sign. I do love the heart though so kind of sad about that but I can see it being easier to sign it without one. I like to collect singed albums. I’m dubious on my blackpink actually being singed by them because they all seemed to be nearly identical which the evermore signature all seem to be very similar. But I also don’t think Taylor would want or need to do something like that and she probably just changed it to be easier to sign. Which I would rather just assume all my signature are genuine and not know otherwise.


This was just a guess on my part, but I think it’s half she was bored of the other one and half this one is cleaner making it harder for people to fake and resell.


In doing so she created a monster. An evermore with a heart just stood on eBay for almost $500.


Wow, that’s insane. I can’t even imagine how many scalpers are just adding hearts onto their CDs. I’m sure some are legit, I just feel horrible for the fans who wanted them but weren’t able to get their hands on them. :(


Thankfully it would be easy to spot a fake since it would be unsealed.


1,000 bucks for a machine that seals cds. Sure, your local scumbag ripping people off wouldn't make enough. But a shitty mercari/eBay seller? Sell two or three and you got a profit.


Don't give anybody ideas...


I’m kinda worried that someone else has been signing… it happens a lot with K-Pop where managers sign rather than the artists themselves. Her new signature is just so different from all her previous ones. Even the folklore signature is very similar to her older autographs. Disclaimer: not hating on Taylor or her team!! It’s just a speculation that I have as a Swiftie.


With how many folklore CDs she had to sign, I imagine she went into the Evermore signings with a plan to simplify her signature. It just looks like she made it all one continuous line, and signed it a lot faster, so it looks a little different.