Make wysteria relevant

Make wysteria relevant


I agree and there’s some areas blocked off too. I wonder if they planned something for the world but never got to it. Wysteria is one of my favorites and I’d love to see more added. <3


Fr I wish the spells they added this year were given by wysteria teachers


Agreed. It would be cool if at higher levels (like 100+) you found out there was an evil plot and a student or teacher was involved with shadow magic but the students are stupid and don't realize, so you have to go make sure it doesn't destroy the world. And you could learn spells from the schools there, since they have their own schools. So stuff kinda like the Astral or star schools but unique to a wysteria school. Maybe you even have to use a wysteria school deck to fight the shadow monsters because Belladona is still bitter about you beating them in the tournament so *if you're gonna be runnin rabbid you have to try to learn a thing of two* and use their school spells instead of Ravenwood school spells. Or not ya know idk don't mind me.


Yeah I Mean they could do that because wysteria has their own schools already plus they already talk about how the students cheat so I could see an add on




Sad to see such potential wasted, a different school with different views on how magic works ( views that are apparently strong enough to allow them to keep winning the spiral cup)... Yet we don't learn a spell from their schools. As a death wiz, I'd love to learn a spell from the school of spirit, and how cool would it be if it was death version of a different school's spell. Kinda like myth imp or lighting phoenix...


They just won, because no one bothered to participate in the tournament


As long as they don’t make like a second Tower of Hellephents I’m fine with more stuff to Wysteria!


It's such a weird world. It is incredibly short, has all these different "schools" with no new spells, one of the tougher level 60 dungeons, which isn't even worth farming, and it just completely falls flat. Would love for some sort of expansion dungeon or new area or something it's just unfortunate


Yeah totally agree


I think adding a school spell quest like the grizzleheim and wintertusk spells would bring a lot of attention to wysteria, and it’d be a great opportunity to add unique mid tier spells to the game


I remember I once had a theory that the Lumis involved in building the Musicology office in the Arcanum and showing up in the Crowns shop as pets meant we would go to Wysteria again, because the Lumis were living plant people like the Green Men of Wysteria. While Im mostly satisfied with Karamelle as the Arc 4 starter world, I can't help but feel sad that I was wrong. Wysteria is really pretty and I can see a lot of story potential in it. It's a world meant to be a warped reflection of Wizard City teaching philosophies so disconnected from how we know the Spiral to operate. it really ties into the game's thematic elements of opposites and reflections: us and Morganthe having so many parallels while also being protag vs antag (prodigy students of Ravenwood, children of light and shadow, sailors of the Starfall sea, and more), us being the Divine Paradox unifying the opposing forces of Light and Shadow (in the final 'fight' of Empyrea part 2 we fight the Aethyr Titan, a representation of the DISCORD of Light and Shadow, who contrasts our UNITY), our fight against the Aberrant Paradox (who is quite literally a discolored copy of our one shared canon appearance the Divine Paradox)... The fact that Wysteria is meant to be a parody/mirror of Ravenwood just works TOO WELL to be ignored. my thoughts are a jumbled mess but uhh i hope this makes sense.


Legit the only reason to ever step foot there is the Zeke quest