Mirri Elendis or Bastian Hallix?

Mirri Elendis or Bastian Hallix?


Bastion slightly leans more toward tanking and miri toward healing. But it’s all in how you gear and skill you give them really. I chose Miri first. Don’t expect them to suddenly make a huge difference, especially at first since they level up and need gear as well. They’re like sorcerer pets, handy but not game changing.


Sorc pets are superior tenfold tbh.


Why not both?


I can’t get over Bastian not letting me steal without throwing a fit, so Mirri.


I can't get over mirror not letting me harvest butterflies and torchbugs


I like Mirri because she's always asking to hit a pub or try an alcoholic drink I just made. A girl after my own heart. They're the same as far as combat goes so it comes down to aesthetics.


This. She's less of a do-gooder. I do wish she would share my passion for murdering innocents for trinkets, but oh well.


I love when she tells me “you really will take anything that isn’t nailed down” lol Bastian is a decent tank. If I’m going into heavy combat, I bring him. Otherwise it’s mirri


Just to provide clear information, they have very different class skills, so they’re not *exactly* the same.


I think she's a lush


Mirri also doesn't get all judgey when you rob people. I like that :)


Today I heard a new one. I found a Thieves Trove ands after I looted.it she said "It's only stealing if you get caught, right?"


I get that one all the time because my character has sticky fingers and loots everyones cupboards lol, my favorite is the one where she goes "I saw nothing!"


Bastian for me. He's a decent tank with a one hand/shield setup. Plus he tells me if there's a heavy sack around. I disabled Mirri after knowing I lose rapport with her for picking up insects.


I just send Mirri away before collecting insects or killing an innocent


I prefer Bastian's buffs and he doesn't say fetch all the time.


I yeeted myself off a Wrothgar cliff and when I died, Miri yelled out "Fetch! Fetch fetch fetch fetch fetch!" It was at that moment I realized that fetch/fetcher was the dark elf version of fuck/fucker.


Stop trying to make fetcher happen


Bruh it already happened


There’s no reason to choose one over the other. Get them both and see who you like more. Honestly, judge by their comments. Combatwise they’re both equally subpar.


Their stats, no. Their skills, yes. Mirri has a simplified Nightblade skill set, Bastien has a simplified Dragonknight skill set. I tend to take whichever my current character needs. My main is a hybrid DPS, so I bring Bastien for healing. I'm using my Tank Sorceror? Cool, I'm bringing Mirri for DPS.


Bastion does not approve of some of my activities.. so I can’t use him.


Mirri is hot.


This guy gets it


Bastian hands down. Let's look at his class skills: \- He got Crag Smash, which is the most powerful companion dps ability in the game. It's ranged, have a lower cast time than and share same damage/cooldown as other skills like Starfall. \- He got Searing Weapons, which boosts your LA by 15%, this skill alone probably provides a greater dps boost than whatever dps a dps companion can do. \- He got Basalt Barrier, which gives you a damage shield AND increased 15% healing received. It has an uptime of AT LEAST 50% \- He got Kindle, a heal that is GUARANTEED to go to someone that needs it, thanks to the below 75% health condition. \- He got Drake's Blood, which gives him a massive self heal and greatly increased survivability with a great uptime and insanely short cooldown. \- He got Crushing Claws and Blazing Grasp, the best skills for add crowd control. Now look at what our insect loving and filthy false god Tribunal worshipping Mirri has in her class tool kit \- The ENTIRE Deadly Assassin tree + Life Siphon, that consists of only MELEE skills when Mirri's designed to be a ranged dps. Not to mention melee dps companions are objectively garbage. \- Ghostly Evasion and Twilight Mantle, a poor woman's Drake's Blood. Drake's Blood alone do as much as these 2 skills COMBINED, and Twilight Mantle has a LONGER cooldown, wtf? \- Masque of Torment, that stuns instead of immobilize, nuff said. Well at least the cooldown's shorter i guess. \- Life Absorption, a heal that has no condition compare to Bastian's kindle, so 99% of the time this will be a wasted overheal. \- Blood Transfusion, the EXACT same skill as Reverse Entropy from the mage's guild but just with a pathetic shorter cooldown (which the quicken trait will negate entirely), smh. Now let's compare the 2 in different roles Melee DPS are objectively trash so i won't bother. In general, Bastian's survivability trumps Mirri no contest. And when it comes to support it's not even a contest, Mirri literally got ZERO support skills. BASTIAN WINS. As ranged DPS, Mirri has to use at least 80% non-class skills as the only ranged dps skill she's got is Life Absorption which sucks, and her ult which costs way to much and is single target only, useless. While Bastian's got Crag Smash and Searing Weapon in additional to existing non-class range dps skills. BASTIAN WINS. As a healer, Mirri has a knock off Reverse Entropy, an unreliable burst heal, and a WTF melee burst heal (what was ZOS smoking?). While Bastian gives you a shield(infinite range btw), a healing received buff, a guaranteed burst heal when you need it. BASTIAN WINS As a tank, Bastian's already got superior survivability, support, and crowd control. Oh and he got a badass melee AOE ult. BASTIAN WINS. Bastian is literally a BETTER healer, dps, and tank than Mirri. Mirri's skills are pathetic, Bastian is a stronger archer than Mirri who is you know...designed to be an archer.


>\- He got Searing Weapons, which boosts your LA by 15%, this skill alone probably provides a greater dps boost than whatever dps a dps companion can do. is Searing Weapon buff intentional? coz tooltip says just their own LA.


Yes, "they and their allies"


Also he’s got sick-ass tattoos


Yeah. But his comments just annoy me.


You... might be a bit obsessed


As DPS, both are pretty terrible until ZoS fixes their ai. They'll stand there and take all the damage they want thinking they're a tank. But give them a resto staff and they'll start dodging attacks like they're keanu reeves in the matrix. Having mirri constantly keep up the heals allows me to focus more on dealing damage.


Or pull everything out of my DOTs


Can also do a bow build; staying at range keeps them alive longer, esp. with a heal or mitigation ability equipped. My bow Mirri is great!


i love using Bastian for a destruction staff build hes super fun to have around 🥰🥰


Mirri has a chance to give bonus loot, Bastian causes enemies to drop health and mana pots. I prefer Mirri but thats just me.


Mirri only gives bonus loot on chests just to clarify


Mirri has a chance to give an extra item on chests, while Bastion has a chance to make a chest drop a higher quality.


Bastion hates cheese and stealing. Miri hates you collecting butterflies and bugs. Bastion likes any thing magic (eg visit mages guild, portals) and, helping people and scrying. Miri likes killing goblins and excavating. Bastion is an annoying fuck but I find miris voice super irritating


They don't have different stats per se, but they have different class skills and racial skill. Mirri: * Shadow Slash: melee damage, 12s cooldown * Warp Strike: ranged damage+teleport, 16s cooldown * Slayer's Blade: melee execute, 8s cooldown (only used on targets under 25%) * Life Absorption: ranged damage+heal, 12s cooldown * Blood Transfusion: ranged heal, 8s cooldown * Life Siphon: AoE damage+heal, 16s cooldown * Ghostly Evasion: automatically dodge 1 attack and reduce damage taken by 20% for 8s, 12s cooldown (only used when Mirri is under 75%) * Masque of Torment: AoE fear for 4s, 8s cooldown * Twilight Mantle: heal self for 25% and turn invisible for 3s, 16s cooldown (only used when Mirri is under 50%) * Impeccable Shot (ult): increase target's damage taken by 20% for 3 seconds, then deal ranged damage * Dynamic (racial passive): increase damage and healing by 3% Bastian: * Fiery Flail: melee damage+inflict off balance, 12s cooldown * Scorching Strike: melee damage+DoT, 16s * Crag Smash: ranged damage, 8s cooldown * Kindle: ranged heal, 8s cooldown (only used on targets under 75%) * Basalt Barrier: AoE damage shield+increase healing received by 15% for 6s, 12s cooldown * Searing Weapons: AoE increase LA/HA damage by 15% for 8s, 16s cooldown * Blazing Grasp: ranged pull, 8s cooldown (only used on targets further than 10m) * Drake's Blood: heal self for 25% and reduce damage taken by 20% for 8s, 12s cooldown (only used when Bastian is under 75%) * Crushing Claws: AoE damage+immobilize for 4s, 16s cooldown * Unleashed Rage (ult): AoE damage+stun for 4s plus additional damage in a cross shape * Tough (racial passive): increase damage and max health by 3% Mirri also gives you a chance to get something extra from chests, and Bastian gives you a chance to loot better potions (2 effects instead of 1). If you get the achievement for maxing them out (max level, max rapport, equip a purple item, etc), you can also get these two bonuses without the companion summoned.


Did you copypaste all that info or did you just know all that from memory 😳


Mirri is cool, but doesn't like when you harvest torchbugs and butterflies, which is irritating. She is good at dd and heal. Bastian is a gentle heart, but can tank for you and point out heavy sacks


I play both, initially preferred Mirri, but increasingly it's Bastion who sprinkles my sweetroll because he offers so much group support. Bastion has a really nice ability that increases everyone's light and heavy attack damage by 15% - which is amazing. With 3 undaunted abilities and the protective spell from fighters guild he will taunt and tank, while offering 3 synergies, and 20% damage reduction to nearby allies. Bastion is a Bard.


Why not both?


It bugs the hell out of me how bastion is always looking down. So I stopped using him right away.


Recommend leveling Mirri all the way up to Companion level so that you get the memento that provides her bonus of 30% chance of extra loot from treasure chests. This will work on all of your characters once you have it. THEN switch over to Bastion who seems to be a little better at actually staying alive and providing some dps. Of course, you could open up both of them and quest with Mirri then use Bastion for boss fights to give you a slight edge. But neither one is as good as a Warden bear or a Sorc clannfear or matriarch.


In terms of stat difference, Bastian has 3% bonus health and Mirri has 3% bonus healing. They also have access to different class abilities, although Bastian has more utility and thus will be of more use to veteran players. They're both underwhelming as DPS, but if you're brand new to the game (or a tank yourself) you might still welcome it. I prefer Bastian so far! Not only because he makes for a decent tank, but also his personality. He's such a good boy. I haven't had much time to adventure with Mirri yet but there's nothing I dislike about her either. Her class abilities don't seem as good as Bastian's, and she could probably use a buff. I dislike how the so many of her abilities are melee ranged or don't have an 8 second cooldown.


Bastion is my OC's toy boy 🤣


Bastian because he doesn't mind my accidental bug collections